The Perfect Parent Myth: Embrace Imperfection and Trust Your Resilient Kids!

Hey, fellow parents! Let’s have a heart-to-heart talk about something that’s been nagging at us for far too long—the relentless pressure to be perfect parents. Seriously, who came up with this crazy idea that we need to be flawless superheroes in order to raise amazing kids? Well, here’s the truth: perfection is a myth, and our children are far more resilient than we give them credit for. So, let’s take a deep breath, embrace our imperfections, and celebrate the incredible resilience of our little ones!

Look, we live in a world that bombards us with images of flawless families on social media, TV, and magazines. We see these “perfect” parents with their angelic children, and it’s easy to fall into the comparison trap. But here’s a reality check: those picture-perfect moments we see are just that—moments. Behind the scenes, there are tantrums, spilled milk, and messy houses just like in our own homes.

The truth is, striving for perfection as parents is an impossible task. It’s like chasing a unicorn through a maze. We set unrealistic expectations for ourselves, and when we inevitably stumble or make mistakes, we beat ourselves up for not meeting some unattainable standard. But guess what? Our kids don’t need perfect parents. They need real, flawed, and authentic ones.

Children are incredibly resilient beings. They have this innate ability to bounce back from life’s challenges and adapt to different situations. They don’t need us to be perfect; they need us to be present, loving, and supportive. They need us to show them that it’s okay to make mistakes and that failure is just a stepping stone to success.

In fact, by sheltering our children from every little disappointment or failure, we might actually be doing them a disservice. They need to experience setbacks and learn how to navigate through them. It’s through these experiences that they develop resilience, problem-solving skills, and a sense of inner strength. By allowing them to face challenges head-on, we’re helping them grow into confident individuals who can handle whatever life throws their way.

Let’s be honest with ourselves—parenting is a messy adventure. We’re bound to make mistakes along the way. And you know what? That’s okay. It’s more than okay; it’s human. We need to let go of this need to be perfect and give ourselves permission to be imperfectly awesome parents. Our kids don’t need us to have all the answers or to do everything right. They need us to be there for them, to listen, to love unconditionally, and to provide a safe space where they can learn and grow.

So, fellow parents, let’s drop the facade of perfection. Let’s give ourselves permission to embrace our flaws, laugh at our parenting mishaps, and learn from our experiences. Let’s trust in the resilience of our incredible children and remember that they’re far more capable than we sometimes give them credit for. By being imperfectly ourselves, we’re showing them the beauty of authenticity and teaching them to embrace their own imperfections.

In this crazy journey called parenting, there’s no such thing as perfect. But there is something far more valuable—there’s love, laughter, and the knowledge that our resilient children are going to be just fine, no matter what. So let’s take a deep breath, give ourselves a pat on the back, and enjoy the imperfectly perfect ride of raising our extraordinary kids!


Kaylin Hernandez


Meet Kaylin

Aren’t you tired of being compared to the generations that came before or after you? Being judged and criticized for what you are or are not? Comparing, being compared, and never feeling like you are good enough.  I’ll admit, I’m guilty of this too. 

I grew up in a big, loud, and most of the time, chaotic Mexican family, I know what it’s like to be afraid to ask questions, to speak up,  and to try to do things differently. Because if I did, I would be faced with the question from everyone, including myself of, “who do you think you are”?

As the oldest in my family I always cared deeply for everyone (it was my job), and I forgot about taking care of myself, sound familiar?

In our families, which often carries in to our adult lives, we often struggled to feel seen or heard, and are made to feel like your emotions don’t matter, or they are just plain misunderstood. Which ultimately leaves us feeling like we’re alone in this big and sometimes terrifying world. That s**t is hard!

As a human (who happens to be a therapist) I recognize that the world I grew up in was vastly different than those around me, however, the emotions are almost universal.

Wether you are an adolescent or an adult, you are probably experiencing  significant changes and transitions in your life – and in case no one told you…Change is normal and you are not alone!

Through our work together I will support, empower, and walk with  you as you navigate this big, scary, fun, messy, and beautiful world.

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