Relationship Counseling For Singles

Individual Relationship Counseling

It's not that you don't try to get your point across, it just feels like it's not always received. Poor connection, perhaps?

Sometimes life sucks. Right now, it’s one of those times. Shoot, it’s been one of those times for awhile.    On top of all this madness, you’re trying to have meaningful relationships. That’s not working out very well.

If this sounds like how your life has been playing out, you could benefit from individual relationship counseling.

Navigating relationships with humans, in general, is really tough. But, you keep noticing patterns. It’s like you keep finding yourself in relationships that aren’t equal. On top of that, it feels like a waste of your time. You really try to communicate your needs, but it’s always really hard. Then, it seems like people keep overstepping your boundaries. You’ve heard many therapists talk about ‘trauma from childhood affecting adulthood.’ You never used to take it that seriously. But, maybe they’re on to something? If this feels spot-on, relationship counseling for singles is the solution.

A girl sits in a coffee shop by herself. She has decided to start relationship counseling for singles in Dallas, TX with Rethink Therapy.
A sign reads, "it takes graces to remain kind in cruel situations." This concept is discussed in trauma therapy in Dallas, TX with Rethink Therapy.

Common Reasons People Pursue Relationship Counseling For Singles

We all have different “stuff.” Each of us has lived a different life with a wide variety of experiences. Because of this, we all decided to start counseling for different reasons. Based on my experience, here are some common reasons people pursue relationship counseling for one:

These are only some of the reasons to start counseling. For other common reasons to start relationship counseling for one, click here.

Relationship Counseling For One Can Help

You feel like you are wandering through life, feeling like something is missing or your balance is “off.” Struggling to set boundaries with others impacts all areas of your life. In addition, not feeling able to effectively communicate with others can take a toll. However, you’re not alone. Relationship counseling for one can help you navigate these issues.
I’ve helped many people struggling with the same challenges you are. Through our work together, they have improved their relationship with themselves. And, they improve relationships with those you choose to share experiences with. What’s more, they get to the root problems and solve those instead of using band-aids.

My Approach To Relationship Counseling For Singles in TX

During our time together, I will challenge you. I will bring up perspectives you haven’t considered before. By doing this, you’ll likely get a fresh perspective. This, in return, can you discover things about yourself that you haven’t realized before. Relationship counseling for singles helps you rise above your challenges. And, to start moving towards your ideal life with less confusion and more confidence.
Everyone’s experience in counseling is different. And, everyone has different results. Starting relationship counseling for one can figure out who you are and what direction to go in next. You can create a more meaningful life based on who you are and what you desire. In addition, you can create relationships that reflect your values.

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Begin Relationship Counseling For One In Dallas, TX

You’re sick of the same song and dance. You know so many things could be different. And, it’s not because you haven’t tried. Sometimes life is just weird. Luckily, I can help you through the weirdness. Relationship counseling for one can help you build your communication skills. In addition, you’ll learn how to create and stick to your boundaries. When you’re ready to start your journey, follow these steps.